The Historical Architecture Review Board of Scranton

OFFICE HOURS: M – F, 8:00 to 4:30
PHONE: (570) 348-4105
FAX: (570) 348-4263

Description of Board/Commission:

The Historical Architectural Review Board of Scranton (HARB) is a public advisory group consisting of volunteers appointed by
the Mayor of Scranton.  The purpose of the HARB is to preserve and protectkey historic architectural features and character, and maintain architectural integrity of our historic district.  The HARB will review proposed exterior alterations (including signage),
new construction, restoration, demolition, or razing of buildings within the local historic district and determine its appropriateness. 

HARB is an advisory board to City Council - all recommendations from the HARB must receive a majority vote of Council to pass.

Mission of Scranton HARB:

  • To protect those areas of the City of Scranton which hold historic, architectural, cultural, archaeological, educational and aesthetic merit to the City of Scranton, the State and the Nation.
  • To awaken, in our people, an interest of our historic past.
  • To promote the use and reuse of areas of the City of Scranton for the culture, education, health, pleasure and general welfare of the people of the City, State and the Nation.
  • To strengthen the economy of the City of Scranton by stabilizing and improving property values.
  • To encourage new buildings and development that will be compatible with existing historic and architecturally significant buildings and districts.

The HARB was established in accordance with FILE OF THE COUNCIL NO. 45 OF 1996 and as amended in

Meeting Dates/Times:
Meetings:  2nd Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m.  City Council Chambers, 2nd Fl., City Hall, 340 N.Washington Avenue, Scranton.

Contact Information:   
Mary-Pat DeFlice, HARB Coordinator

Municipal Building
340 N. Washington Ave., 4th Fl.
Scranton, PA 18503
P: (570) 348-4105
F: (570) 348-4263

Forms/Rules/Guidelines/Ordinances, etc.

- HARB Ordinance – File of Council No. 45, 1996

- #HISTORIC SCRANTON - Downtown Scranton Landmark Buildings and Historic Districts

- Downtown Scranton Landmark Buildings and Historic Districts

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

Introduction to Interior’s Standards

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