City Treasurer

OFFICE HOURS: M – F, 8:00 to 4:30
PHONE: (570) 348-4107
FAX: (570) 348-4199

Delinquent Real Estate Tax Information

Delinquent Refuse Information

responsibilities of the Department:

  • Collecting previous year delinquent City of Scranton real estate tax payments up to April 1st,
    at which time they are turned over to Northeast Credit and Collection.
  • Collecting City of Scranton current year Refuse Disposal Fee and updating Refuse Fee
    data base with changes in ownership, address, number of units, vacancies, etc.
  • Receipting and recording all City Revenue.
  • Accepting and recording Parking Ticket Violation payments.
  • Billing for Accounts Receivable, i.e., False Alarms, Bad Checks,
    Hazardous Waste Reimbursement, Act 98 Fire Escrow.
  • Open and close all City Bank Accounts as well as making all daily deposits
    and transfers as required into said accounts.
  • Distributing City employees payroll checks and making required wire transfers to cover payroll.


In the amount of $300.00 per unit per year are mailed by an outside agency in March. First payment which MUST be at minimum, the first half of the bill, is due by May 1st, however, penalty of 12% is not applied until after May 30th. Second half payment is due by September 1st, with penalty applied if not received by September 30th.

All requests for vacancy on refuse bills due to vacancies must include the property address, refuse account number and dates the vacancy begins and ends and should be submitted to the City Treasury, 340 N. Washington Ave., Scranton, PA, 18503. Vacancies are granted if a unit is vacant for at least three consecutive months through the entire year. A copy of a utility bill showing minimal service to the property MUST be provided yearly.

If there are questions regarding your refuse bill, please call the telephone number on the bill (570) 348-4120, however, due to the volume of calls to this line, if you do not receive a call back within 24 hours, please try again or call the main City Treasury line
(570) 348-4107.

If a property is sold throughout the year it is vital that the City is notified at the time of the closing of the new owner and a mailing address for same, otherwise the refuse bill will continue to be sent to the prior owner.


Tickets can be paid in person to:

ABM - 140 Adams Ave., Scranton PA 18503

Tickets can NO longer be paid at the City Treasurer’s office.