Auto Repairman/Technician

May 6, 2022

This is highly skilled work with responsibility for the maintenance and repair of
diesel driven and gasoline driven automotive and related equipment. Work includes
the mechanical repair and maintenance of light and heavy-duty trucks, tractors,
backhoes and other standard and specialized automotive equipment in accordance
with standard training practices.

Employee may work independently and as a team. However, some oral instructions
and work assignments are received as the nature of work to be performed from a

Typical Examples of Work:

Performs general overhaul and repair work on automotive and mechanical

Inspects, adjusts and replaces necessary units and related parts including valves,
pistons and main bearing assemblies, and cooling and exhaust systems.

Repair and overhauls brakes, ignition systems, transmissions, differentials, front and
rear end assemblies, repair and installs hydraulic controls, tunes motors.

Takes down repairs and reassembles air compressors, pumps and related

Inspects, repairs overhauls and/or replaces all automotive electrical equipment
including generators, distributors, magnetos, starters in gasoline and diesel motors.
Services equipment with diesel fuel, gasoline, oil, check batteries and tires and
repairs as necessary.

Uses mechanical hand and power driven tools and equipment such as grinders,
testing and welding equipment and other garage shop tools and equipment.
Conducts PA State inspections of all diesel and gasoline equipment. PA State
inspection certification is required.

Performs other related work as required. (Body, fender, and painting)

Requirement of Work:

Expertise in the procedures in PA State Inspections for light and heavy-duty tracks
and equipment.

Expertise in the use and operation of tools and machinery used in mechanical repair

Expertise in locating and adjusting defects in motor equipment.

Considerable knowledge of the standard practices, equipment and tools of the diesel
mechanic trade.

Considerable knowledge of the operating principles of gasoline and diesel engines.
Knowledge of mechanical repair of heavy and light trucks and other equipment.

Considerable knowledge of the occupational hazards and of the safety precautions of
the diesel mechanic trade.

Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions and ability to adapt
available tools and repair parts to specific repair problems.

Ability to use Windows Operating System and other related work order software

Minimum Acceptable Training and Experience:

Considerable experience in the automotive mechanic trade.
Possession of a valid PA state inspectors license. Class #7
Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license as issued by Commonwealth of
PA. Class # B
Must have own tools
Must be tested by the city for mechanical aptitude and skills

Auto Repairman Technician


Last modified: January 18, 2023

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