Wellness Grant Applications FAQs

Where do I apply for the current Wellness funding grant?

Click here to access our application through Neighborly.

What are the current programs I can apply for?

Behavioral/Mental Health, Drug Abuse, Violence Prevention are the current grant funding options being offered. The small business and education programs are still under development and will be released at a later date.

When does the application period end for the Wellness grants?

The application period for the Wellness programs is August 22 to September 16.

We applied for the previous grant. Are we eligible for this one as well?

Yes, the first grant is to assist the Nonprofit directly, this one is specifically to implement programs.

Do all persons served by the program with grant funds need to be city residents?

Your organization will need to provide documentation that you serve city residents, not all persons you serve need to be city residents

Can each organization only apply for one grant?

No, the organization can apply for multiple grant opportunities.

Will the reimbursable documents required for funding be uploaded through Neighborly if the organization is awarded?

Yes, Neighborly will be the communication portal used.

Does the organization need to be a nonprofit to apply for this funding?

No, any organization that assists residents may apply.

Nonprofit Grant Application FAQs

Download our archived FAQ on nonprofit recovery grants (PDF).

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