Steps to Start a Business in Scranton

Are you looking to starting a business in Scranton?  The Scranton Office of Community Development is a resource for helping you through this process. Here are the steps.

1.    Create a Business Plan

This plan offers road map for the business owner, and is also a requirement for financing. The University of Scranton’s Small Business Development Center offers many helpful resources and different varieties of support, including helping you create a Business Plan for developing your business.

2.    Site Selection

3.    Funding Your Business 

4.    Licenses, Inspections and Permits (LIPS)

5.    City Planning (Land/Building Development ONLY)

6.    Register Your Business with the City (Taxes)

Download to View the Steps and Requirements to Start a New Business in Scranton

Click to View Form for Home Businesses in Scranton

Click here to learn more about the benefits of investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones. View a map of our Qualified Opportunity Zones here!

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