Code Blue Declaration

Due to predicted temperatures dropping below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the City of Scranton will be enacting Code Blue Procedures.


The purpose of a Code Blue Alert is to communicate early information to the public regarding the potential for extremely cold conditions that will impact the City of Scranton.  This information is designed to provide information to the public, especially the vulnerable members of our community, on the health and wellness implications brought by cold weather. 

Code Blue:

The City of Scranton will follow the Code Blue Alerts as declared by Lackawanna County but may at times declare a Code Blue Alert within the City of Scranton for additional weather impacts that could potentially impact vulnerable populations within the City of Scranton. 

  1. Lackawanna County Commissioners declare Code Blue Alerts when the temperatures in the County reach 20 degrees or below (with windchill).  Information from the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) are the basis for declaring a Code Blue Alert. 
  2. The City of Scranton may at times declare a Code Blue Alert based on anticipated weather conditions that would directly impact the City of Scranton.  The Department of Homeless Services and recommend that a Code Blue Alert be declared if snow predictions of 12” or more are in the forecast and any time a combination of rain, sleet, snow, with temperatures of 32 degrees (with windchill) are forecasted.

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