City Planning and Zoning

Hours: 8 am – 4:30 pm
Phone: 570-348-4280
Fax: 570-348-4171

Craig Beavers — Assistant City Planner

Phone: 570-348-4193 Ext 4512

Thomas Leach — Zoning Officer

Phone 570-348-4193 Ext 4531


Scranton-Abingtons Comprehensive Plan

The Department of City Planning also works on storm water management for the city.

Plan Review

Any new building or building renovation within the city requires a plan review, prior to filing for permits. This office not only conducts final review submissions but also is available for the scheduling of preliminary reviews.

If you are currently working on a project or are in the planning stages, it is recommended that you contact this office in the early phase of that project, to avoid complications or delays.

Call 570-348-4193 or email with questions.


Thomas Leach, Zoning Officer

570-348-4193 Ext 4531


  • WHAT ARE THE SETBACKS FOR SWIMMING POOLS? 8 feet is the required setback. Affidavits are available on-line if your neighbor agrees for you to construct it less than 8 feet (see section 403.14 of zoning ordinance, page 4-36)  
  • IS A FENCE REQUIRED FOR A POOL? Yes. A 4 foot fence is required.  
  • WHAT IS THE SETBACK FOR FENCES (OTHER THAN FENCES FOR POOLS)? Fences can be constructed on the lot line. (See Section 403.5.d of the Zoning Ordinance, pages 4-30 to 4-31) 6 ½ feet in rear / 4 feet in front yard  
  • WHAT ARE THE SETBACKS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF DECKS/SHEDS? Setbacks are 5 feet. Affidavits are available if your neighbor agrees for you to construct it less than 5 feet. (see pages 3-20 through 3-25 of the zoning ordinance)

Proposed Zoning Ordinance 2022 information

Ordinance presented to City Council for Adoption 2/22, Public Hearing to be held 5:00pm, 3/1/2022 City Council Chambers.

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