Mayor Cognetti Partners with Valley In Motion, National Forum, and Residents to Encourage Physical Activity

October 30, 2023

Mayor Paige Cognetti, along with mayors throughout the U.S., is leading a country-wide initiative to improve mental and cardiovascular health by encouraging Scranton residents to increase their daily physical activity.

On Saturday, October 28th, Mayor Cognetti joined Valley In Motion’s Connell Park Walking Club as part of the National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention’s Move with the Mayor™ Challenge. Move with the Mayor™ is focused on raising awareness that being physically active, even a little bit, improves one’s chances of living a longer, more active life and increases resilience. 

“I encourage Scranton residents to find a form of physical activity that they enjoy and can stick to year-round, whether it’s as simple as taking the stairs or dancing, swimming, or bike riding,” said Mayor Cognetti. “The Connell Park Walking Club, which meets weekly on Saturdays at 10AM, is a great way to start.”

“Research shows that a small amount of physical activity can have a big impact on your life,” says John M. Clymer, executive director of the National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention. “A recent study found that a daily 11-minute brisk walk lowers one’s risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and premature death.” Mayor Cognetti sees the importance of physical activity and strives to motivate Scranton residents to walk, bike, or move to improve their mental health and cardiovascular health.


Valley In Motion is a non-profit that strengthens communities across the Lackawanna Valley by providing places and events for community connection and engagement. Their projects make it easier for residents to walk, bike, and access health, recreation, and fresh foods. By creating environments for health and wellness, To learn more, visit


The National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention brings together the most dynamic and diverse organizations in cardiovascular health, providing a forum and outlet for organizations to amplify their voices. Our members currently represent more than 90 national and international organizations from the public and private healthcare organizations, as well as faith, advocacy, academic, and policy settings. The National Forum is an independent non-profit, 501(c)(3), voluntary health organization. To learn more, visit

Mayor Cognetti Partners with Valley In Motion, National Forum, and Residents to Encourage Physical Activity | Press Release

Last modified: October 26, 2023

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