Handicapped Parking Requests

Any individual who is in possession of a valid handicapped registration plate or handicapped placard may make application for a sign to be erected designating a parking space as for the use of only those vehicles designated as operated for the use and benefit of a handicapped person. Any applicant having private parking on their property (such as a driveway or garage) is not eligible for an on-street handicapped parking sign. As per file of council (city ordinance) #30 of 2013, there is a ten ($10.00) processing fee for said handicapped sign which must be renewed annually.

Please download and complete the application here. Please reference the supporting documentation here.

Return completed application with $10.00 fee (check or money order) payable to the City Treasurer to:
Scranton Police Dept., 100 S. Washington Ave., Scranton, Pa. 18503


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