Organizing Events in Scranton

Scranton is host to hundreds of special events each year including fairs, festivals, marathons, fund-raising walks, community and cultural celebrations, and much more.

The Office of Community Development works with other City departments to make sure that those who host events have:

  • All necessary permits.
  • Licenses.
  • Insurances.
  • Agreements.

Special events approval are needed for any event that uses:

  • City-owned or occupied property.
  • City equipment.
  • City services.

A Special Event approval ensures that all necessary permits, licenses, insurances and agreements are executed prior to any event that pursues the use of City-owned or occupied property, City equipment and/or City services.

Interested in organizing a public event, like a run, rally, concert or festival? Please complete this form. To have your event listed on our website, please complete our Special Event Application,  or contact Kelly Kraycer at

*Downtown events may require coordination between multiple organizations. Please provide event details to inform next steps.

Parks and public spaces are available for public use for activities and events. To reserve a park pavilion or open space please complete this form.



Interested in hanging a banner to promote your event? Please complete this request form. 


Interested in renting the City of Scranton Showmobile for your event? Please complete this request form. 


COVID-19: Activities and events must follow CDC and PA Department of Health Guidelines.


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