Construction Permits

All work within the City is to be completed by an insured licensed contactor with experience, knowledge, and a general understanding of the nature of work to be preformed. Residential work requires either a Home Improvement Contractor License, while any other work done on a multi-family residential (3+ units), commercial, demolition, industrial, et. al. requires a General Contractors License. Plan Reviews for residential and commercial projects are completed by NEIC, the City’s contracted Third Party Agency. Please note that the Department does not handle or issue Business Licensing.

You must complete the Building Permit Application to begin any building project in the City of Scranton along with any necessary trade subcode forms as it applies to the project. Please email all applications to


All construction projects in the City require a permit. Cost of permits vary based on the size and scope of the project. For example, the homeowner or their licensed contractor can obtain a permit to change the current windows and doors in a home without paying a fee because it is considered “alteration” or “remodeling.” However, if the project is to change the location of the windows or doors changes, there would be a fee because that is considered construction.

Any application should be submitted to the city 4 to 90 days before the project begins. The time frame for issuance of the permit is based on the size and scope of the projects and amount of trades involved. It is vital that the applications are filled out to completion. If you improperly fill out the permit applications, i.e. missing or omitted information, failing to provide the scope of the project with required plans, home owner or contractor information, etc. the permit will be denied and sent back. This will result in a longer wait time to begin the project for both the client and contractor. Once your permit is approved, it must be posted in the front of the worksite to be easily visible from the street.

Doing work without a permit or commencing work prior to obtaining the permit, will result in the fee for the job being doubled.

Permits will only be issued between 8am and 3:30pm on weekdays. Applications for permits received between 3:30pm and 4:30pm on weekdays will not be processed until the next business day, at the earliest.  Upon submission, the Department is responsible to issue a decision on all permit applications within 30 business days for commercial permits and 15 business days for residential permits.

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