Historical Architecture Review Board

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Also known as the Commission for Architectural and Urban Design Review, the purpose of Historical Architecture Review Board (HARB) is to protect those areas of the City of Scranton which are historic, architectural, cultural, archaeological, educational, and aesthetic merit to the City of Scranton, the State and Nation. HARB reviews applications for exterior modifications to properties within the Historic District, as well as any National Register Listed property, and makes recommendations to City Council.

To learn more about Historic Preservation efforts in the City, please click here.

Application, photographs and required drawings and application fee are to be submitted 10 days before a meeting in order to be placed on the agenda for that month’s meeting. All information must be completed in full or it will be not be placed on the agenda or considered for approval and will need to be refiled.


HARB meets at 5:30pm on the second Thursday of each month.  A yearly ad was placed in the Times with dates and time.  This Board meets virtually via Zoom.

The HARB meetings are livestreamed on ECTV. To view previous meetings or to watch live, click here.

Historic Districts and Landmarks Map

To determine if you will need HARB approval via Certificate of Appropriateness, type your property’s address into the search bar, and see if it falls under either a Historic District or a Historic Landmark. If it does, you will need approval. If it does not, you do not need approval.

Board Members

MemberTerm End
Richard J. Leonori, AIA -Chairman (Architect)10-11-2027
William Lesniak (Architectural Heritage Association)10-11-2022
Michael Muller (AIA & NCARB)10-11-2026
Conrad Bosley (Real Estate Broker)10-11-2024
Katie Gilmartin (Property Owner)10-11-2022
Katie Kearney (Historian)2-9-2027
(Licensed Contractor)***
(Historic Property Owner)***
*Members are appointed by the Mayor for 5 year terms.

Membership Rules

The HARB shall consist of nine residents of the City of Scranton who shall serve without remuneration and shall be composed of the following:

  • One (1) registered architect.
  • One (1) registered engineer.
  • One (1) licensed contractor.
  • One (1) licensed real estate broker.
  • One (1) member of the Architectural Heritage Association.
  • One (1) property owner whose property is located within an historic district or who owns a landmark property.
  • One (1) member who by professional training or occupation is an urban planner, architectural historian, archaeologist, historic preservationist or has professional expertise in a field closely related to historic preservation or discipline such as American studies, American civilization, cultural geography or cultural anthropology.
  • One (1) property owner at-large.
  • One (1) other person who by training, experience or interest is qualified to carry out the duties as a member of the Commission

HARB is currently looking for a member from the City of Scranton to fill the Contractor, Engineer, and Historic Property Owner positions.

If you qualify, please fill out the Interest Form by clicking here, or send resume to – 340 N. Washington Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503.


Solicitor: Daniel Penetar, III, Esq. (dlpenetar@scrantonpa.gov)

HARB Coordinator: —

Historic Preservation Officer: —

Application – Certificate of Appropriateness

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