ARPA Education Grants

July 18, 2022

Education grants that the City of Scranton looks to support with American Rescue Plan Act funding including educational catch-up programs to address lost learning opportunities, as well as needed literacy and financial literacy programs.

Grant Applications Open Now

Educational Catchup, Literacy, and Financial Literacy Programs

Intended Applicants:  Non-profits and Private Entities
Amount of Funding Available: $250,000 for Literacy and Financial Literacy programs; $750,000 for Educational Catchup programs
Types of Awards: Subrecipient Awards
Award Amounts Available: Up to $250,000 or to an amount of need that may be clearly demonstrated by applicants.
Application Deadline: March 7
Click here to apply through Neighborly
Download the Guidance on Affordable Childcare and Educational Improvement Grants

The city is seeking applications for programs to prevent learning loss due to the shutdown of school-based learning in addition to growing anxiety and depression within student populations.

ARPA provides foundational funding to begin to tackle some of these challenges through expanding opportunities to access resources and bridge the technology gap across all populations.

Eligible, approved expenses include:

  • offering high-quality tutoring and other extended learning opportunities,
  • providing differentiated instruction,
  • implementing activities to meet the comprehensive needs of students,
  • expanding and improving language access for parents and families,
  • providing information and assistance to parents and families on how they can effectively support students, including in a distance learning environment,
  • improving student engagement in distance education, and
  • administering and using high-quality assessments to assess students’ academic progress, among other uses.

Other Grant Applications

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