Business Administration

Larry West –  Business Administrator

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (570) 348-4118
Fax: (570) 348-4225

The Department of Business Administration’s primary responsibilities include: recording the City’s financial activity, maintaining the computerized accounting system, processing payments to vendors, procurement of goods and services, and issuing required financial reports. This office also prepares and monitors the City’s Annual Operating and Capital Budgets.

Click here for the Financial Reports page in the City Archives.

To accomplish these responsibilities, the Department is divided into:

Responsibilities include cash flow management, accounts payable, computerized financial reporting and distribution of the City’s Annual Financial Audit.

Budget & Analysis
Responsibilities include development, preparation and distribution of the City’s Annual Budget Document. A monthly budget to actual expense analysis is also prepared, which is used to monitor budgeted appropriations and resources to ensure departments adhere to their budgeted allocations.

Responsibilities include overseeing the procurement of most materials, supplies and services used by all City departments. Additionally, this function oversees the preparation of bid specifications and the advertisement of bids.

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