Office of Community Development

The Office of Community Development (OCD)  aligns the Office of Economic and Community Development; Grants; Code Enforcement (Licensing, Inspections and Permits) and City Planning and Zoning under one umbrella
to address community, economic and workforce development initiatives in
the City. This alignment will better serve the residents and the business community by coordinating services, improving efficiencies and
increasing grant funding opportunities.

The OCD will continue to manage the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) entitlement grants for the City of Scranton, as well as other funding for housing and neighborhood development initiatives. The Department leverages public and private funds to provide affordable housing, promote safe and livable neighborhoods, and stimulate economic development in Scranton. The department  oversees the $2,172,152 of CDBG-CV and $1,435,629 of ESG-CV funding awarded to the city due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Economic Development has been elevated and expanded, with fundamental goals of attracting new business and streamlining how businesses can open their doors in the city. Having planning/zone and code enforcement under the same organizational structure allows for a “One Stop” model to business development.

The oversight of city grants is performed by the Office of Community
Development, with the city grant writer located in this department. The
oversight will include all city applications and community application
that the city is serving as the fiscal agent and applicant. The alignment will improve the effectiveness and success of the city’s grant applications. This alignment will coordinate grant applications with the needs identified in the capital budget.

Code Enforcement has multiple responsibilities in support of varied City
* Planning and regulation of land use and development in Scranton
 *Review building plans and site plans
* Processes zoning applications
*Conduct inspections
*Administration and enforcement of the City’s Construction Code and
Zoning and Subdivision ordinances.

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