City Planning and Zoning

Donald J. King, AICP, CFM – City Planner
Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Phone: 570.348.4280
Fax: 570.348.4171


The Bureau of City Planning and Zoning works in conjunction with the community to shape the future of Scranton for the benefit of both current and future residents, employees, students, and visitors. City Planning and Zoning defines long-term visions for the City, as well as regulates land use and development, reviews zoning ordinances and applications, preservation of historic structures, promotes the comprehensive growth and well-being of the City and its neighborhoods, and plans many other important areas regarding the City’s future.


Staff Directory

Residents, business owners, and contractors can visit the City Planning and Zoning counter for in-person help and assistance, plan reviews, and paper applications, as well as to visit our Flood Management Library. The counter can be found at City Hall, 4th Floor, 340 North Washington Avenue. Call 570-348-4280 for additional assistance.

City Planning and Zoning assistance can also be requested at the Code Enforcement counter, City Hall 1st Floor. 

Name Position Phone Email
Donald J. King, AICP, CFM

City Planner

Craig Beavers, CFM Assistant City Planner 570-348-4193 Ext 4512
Chris Jenkins Zoning Officer 570-348-4193 Ext 4531



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