Lead-Safe Scranton

Lead Safety and Testing

The City of Scranton is committed to creating lead-safe, healthy environments for residents. To continue that work, Scranton is launching a new lead-safe program in 2023.

  1. The city will provide outreach and education to increase awareness about lead exposure and childhood lead poisoning.
  2. The city plans to reduce the risk of lead-based paint hazards in homes by identifying homes with lead paint exposure. This will be done by a contracted firm that will do home inspections.
  3. In the next phase of the project, homes identified with increased lead levels will be given an opportunity to do free lead abatement for their homes.

You can qualify for a free home inspection if:

  • Your home was built before 1978;
  • Your household includes one or more children under age six who spend more than 6 hours in your home OR your household has an expectant mother; and
  • Your home is in a Qualified Census Tract.

Check the Qualified Census Tract map to see if your home qualifies.

If you are eligible, please fill out the form below to apply to get your home inspected for FREE.

Lead inspections will be available to eligible participants until funding is exhausted. Apply now!

Lead-Based Paint Exposure

Homes built before 1978 are likely to have been painted with lead-based paints. When the paint ages, it cracks and peels, leading to paint chips and dust which can enter the air, settle on many surfaces, and even enter the soil of the property. This dust can be swallowed or inhaled by young children and increase their risk of lead poisoning.

Harmful Effects of Lead Exposure

Lead exposure is most harmful to young children and pregnant women. Lead in a child’s body can slow down growth and development; cause learning, behavior, hearing, and speech problems; and can cause permanent and irreversible damage to the brain and body.

Lead Poisoning is Preventable

  • Get your house checked for lead hazards by a certified inspector.
  • During renovation or remodeling, avoid exposure to lead dust.
  • Inspect and keep all painted surfaces in excellent shape and clean up dust frequently with a wet cloth or paper towel.
  • Consult with health care providers about lead blood testing.

More information and resources

Lead Pipe Replacement Program

To schedule a Lead Inspection, contact the City of Scranton’s Office of Community Development at 570.348.4216

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