ARPA Non-Profit Grants

July 13, 2022

The following programs are available to non-profit organizations that are either 501(C)(3) or 501(C)(19).

Closed Grant Applications

Non-Profit Organizations

Application Period: Opened July 18, 2022; closed August 15, 2022
Intended Applicants:  Non-profits 501(C)(3) or 501(C)(19)
Types of Awards:  Beneficiary Awards
Award Amounts Available: Up to $50,000 or to an amount of need that may be clearly demonstrated by applicants.
Total Amount Available: $1 million
Eligibility Requirements: Click here for details.

The City of Scranton has awarded a contract to the Scranton Area Community Foundation to implement the coordination of its ARPA program for non-profits.

Funding may be applied for and used to support eligible non-profits impacted by the pandemic to mitigate financial hardships including, but not limited to:

  • decreased revenue
  • financial insecurity
  • capacity to withstand future financial hardship
  • increased costs
  • challenges covering other costs, such as costs of mortgage, rent or utilities, and other operation costs

In addition, funding may be used for non-profit development (e.g., websites, technology or marketing, or new buildouts).

Funding applications may also be submitted for eligible capital expenditures.  To be eligible, capital expenditures must be detailed in the application and must directly respond to the pandemic and be proportional to the demonstrated impact. They must also serve or provide benefits to City residents.

Nonprofit Grant Webinar Archive

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