Director of Public Works

The Director of Public Works coordinates the City-wide Public Works program, including Public Works projects, day to day operations, emergency responses for severe weather, and managing employees. The Public Works Director works closely with the Mayor and other City officials to ensure the City’s mission and core values are incorporated into operational activities and objectives.

  • Manage, scheduled, and oversee team and daily duties.
  • Plans, organizes, and administers a plan for public works; directs the program and activities of engineering, public buildings, refuse and disposal, flood control, streets, and vehicle maintenance. Review plans, specifications, and related documents; ensure compliance with City codes and ordinances.
  • Prepares departmental budget after consultation with bureau directors. Reviews the work of technical and professional personnel involved in the various programs.
  • Confers with bureau to formulate and develop departmental plans and design for construction of public utilities and non-utilities such as streets.
  • Coordinates the activities of the various bureaus compromising the department; supervises and reviews through bureau heads, the preparation of proposals, the inspection of contractual work, the maintenance and repair of streets and bridges; confers with unit heads on operational, budgetary, personnel, equipment and work program needs; resolves the most complex situations.
  • Reviews the preparation and processing of documents for all public works projects, with help of the Project Manager, and capital budget proposals and schedules.
  • Performs other related duties as required.
  • Thorough knowledge of law, rules and regulations controlling municipal street construction and maintenance and/or operational problems.
  • Ability to develop and enforce departmental policies affecting divisional operations.
  • Ability to express ideas effectively, both orally and in writing, including the preparation of clear and comprehensive written reports.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with contractors, associates and the public.
  • Ability to keep current of legislative and other activities that affect public works.
  • Preferred completion of a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in Public Administration, Civil Engineering, Business Administration or a related field.
  • Preferred civil engineering experience which shall have been in the field of highway or street construction or maintenance; experience in an administrative capacity.
  • Or, any equivalent combination of acceptable training and experience.
  • Possession of a valid Driver’s License

Director of Public Works | Job Description

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