Frequently Asked Questions

My garbage wasn’t picked up who do I contact?

The dispatcher is here to answer questions concerning missed garbage call 570-348-4178. Garbage should be placed on the curb no earlier than the night before of your scheduled pick-up.

Can I buy my own garbage/ recycling containers?

We provide recycling containers at 101 W Poplar St.

Garbage cans are to be purchased by the resident; we ask that they be no heavier than a 32 gallon can and have lids on the cans.

How do I get rid of old televisions and electronics?

Some retailers and centers take your electronics for free, some also provide payment in
exchange and others have a charge. See the recycling options link.

When is my garbage/recycling day?

Below is an attachment with the weekly schedule for pick-up. Recycling follows the garbage pick-up schedule. We have calendars available here to follow the exact recycling schedule

Are leaf bags available this year?

Leaf bags are available this year made out of recycling materials. Please don’t mix in you household garbage with your leaves. The leaf bags are available at Weston Field and at the DPW complex. Limit 2 per visit.

When is my street being paved?

We have an ongoing paving list on our Highways page that is updated bi-weekly if any changes and improvements have been made. Fall paving list is in the design phase by engineers. You may request a street to placed on a future paving list through Scranton 311. Any additional request will be accessed by a supervisor. If you have any emergency concerns please call the dispatcher here at DPW 570-348-4178.

When can I receive leaf bags?

Our residential leaf bags are available in the fall at the DPW complex.

Where can I report a streetlight outage?

Submit a request to Scranton 311 if you can provide the 10-digit pole number it’s more helpful.

How do I get rid of couches/mattresses?

We are required to pick-up household garbage first, if we have room in the truck we will pick up larger items. We do not except items with metal in them. Metal should be removed from all items and disposed of separately.

How do I dispose of glass?

Glass must be wrapped thoroughly and marked GLASS.

How do I get rid of paint?

Remove cover on paint can and let it dry out. You can also mix kitty litter in paint, leave the can open to dry, and then bag.

On which holidays is there no garbage pick-ups?

Holiday Recall

December 27, 2021 is on the recycling schedule as a holiday, but due to the Christmas and New Year holiday we will be working normal business hours.

During the holiday schedule pick-up will be a day behind.

New Years Day
Martin Luther King Day
Election Day
Easter Monday
Veterans Day
Memorial Day
Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day
Christmas Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day

 How do I get rid of Christmas trees?     

The Lackawanna Recycling Center will be accepting real Christmas Trees from municipalities in a marked municipal truck free of charge from January 3rd to January 27th. Please make sure they are not bagged and/or have any decorations on them.

Residents can bring their Christmas Trees to the recycling center by themselves but will be charged a fee ($5-$10) depending on the size.

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