Rental Registration Manager

General Description:  

Safe housing is critical to the health and welfare of our residents. The Rental Manager position is an administrative and supervisory position and serves as support staff to the Director of the Department of Code Enforcement. The Rental Manager performs a variety of supervisory and administrative duties at the discretion of the Director of the Department of Code Enforcement.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Aid the Director in oversight and supervision of the Department of Code Enforcement Office Rental Registration Program staff who report to the Rental Manager who reports directly to the Department Director;
  • Responsible for assisting the Director in adopting and implementing administrative policies and procedures for all assigned functions of the Rental Registration Program;
  • Assist the Director in training, digital training and evaluating all departmental administrative and Rental Registration Program inspection personnel;
  • Coordinate and administers the Rental Registration Program including inspection coordination;
  • Serve as a liaison between the Department of Code Enforcement Rental Registration Program and other departments, agencies, and commissions, at the Director’s discretion;
  • Attendance at various meetings when requested;
  • Attendance to on-call situations such call outs during and after normal business hours;
  • Ability to work with landlords, property owners and tenants by potentially meeting with and providing code interpretations as needed or requested;
  • Serve as liaison between the Department of Code Enforcement and the Human Resources Department on personnel matters, including but not limited to, disciplinary issues, employee health related issues such as FMLA requests and ADA accommodations, at the discretion of the Director;
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding personnel matters;
  • Other duties as required.

Preferred Training, Experience, Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities:

  • High School Diploma or its equivalent;
  • Administrative or supervisory experience preferred;
  • Relevant computer knowledge;
  • Ability to work independently on difficult or complex secretarial tasks;
  • Ability to exercise good judgment, professionalism, and tact in answering questions of the public and personnel;

Certification in International Property Maintenance Code.

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