Crime Prevention


  • Organizing a neighborhood watch
  • Residential and Commercial Security Surveys
  • Personal Safety Recommendations
  • Shoplifting/Internal Theft
  • Citizen Police Academy
  • Junior Police Academy
  • National Night Out[spacer]


  • McGruff the Crime Dog
  • Drug and Alcohol Programs (Fatal Vision)
  • Gun Safety
  • Safe Schools/School Violence
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Hate Crimes
  • Internet Safety/Protecting Kids Online[spacer]


  • Terrorism Awareness and Prevention
  • Car Theft
  • Travel Safety and Security
  • Gang Information for parents
  • Credit Card Fraud/Identity Theft
  • What to do when stopped by a Police Officer
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • Senior Citizen crime Prevention
  • Domestic Violence[spacer]

Citizens Police Academy:

The Citizens Police Academy is an opportunity to build lasting relationships between citizens who live and work in Scranton and the Scranton Police Department. The Academy is an eleven week program where the student will receive information on police policies and procedures, the judiciary system and constrains, special skills, training and tools of the police department, police budget and much more. The Scranton Police will also teach how to be proactive in your community through crime watch, and neighborhood watch programs.

National Night Out:

(America’s Night Out Against Crime) – First introduced in 1984 by Matt A. Peskin to strengthen participation in local anticrime efforts nationally. These efforts would involve entire communities at one time dedicated to the development, growth and maintenance of organized crime and drug prevention programs. While traditional “lights on” and front porch vigils remain a part of NNO, activities have expanded considerably over the years to include block parties, cookouts, parades, visits from police, festivals, neighborhood walks, safety fairs, contests, rallies and meetings. The day that was chosen was the first Tuesday in August.

Programs Offered:

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