Records Unit

Incident police reports may be purchased for a fee of $25.00. There is no cost if you were a victim of a crime. Accident reports may be purchased for a fee of $15.00. Along with that, someone may also get a copy of the county record of how many times the police have been dispatched to their residence or business, this also has a fee of $25.00.

Records Division performs many different tasks for the police department. We compile the UCR report for the state police web site. We do many queries relating to officer activity, number of calls per area, calls per shift, and the various crimes themselves. The staff of Records do the day to day office filing of police records to answering phone calls to entering in case dispositions for all arrests. They also make and send out copies of police reports for insurance companies and people who request a police record through the mail. They also receive requests from other police agencies such as the District Attorney’s Office, Pennsylvania State Police, Coroner’s Office, Children and Youth and various prisons. The workers also have assisted in programs such as National Night Out, fingerprinting and scheduling of Crime Prevention and Summer programs.

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