Special Investigations Division

The Special Division is a plainclothes, undercover unit, comprised of four to five members, with a Sergeant assigned as Supervisor. The Special Investigation Division, or “S.I.D.”, is also referred to as the “Drug Unit.”

The S.I.D. handles any investigation that is linked to vice or narcotics, ranging from overdose investigations, and simple drug possession charges, all the way to drug related home invasions and drug related homicide. The majority of the caseload is primarily investigations into the selling of illegal drugs. The S.I.D. also investigates prostitution activity, from street level to escort services.

Over the past few years the S.I.D. has handled investigations that focused on the fencing of stolen goods to supply drug habits, drug overdose deaths, drug diversion from pharmacies, thefts of controlled substances from care facilities, and of course, illegal drug dealing and possession.

While some investigations are short term, and involve little expenditure of time and resources, others such as Title III wiretaps, involve many agencies and man-hours to complete. The S.I.D. has a well-established working relationship with other area agencies. They include PA State Police, Lackawanna County Drug Task Force, PA Attorney General’s Office, F.B.I., D.E.A., PA State and Lackawanna County Parole, Lackawanna County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshall’s Service and surrounding police agencies.

Although some people may be reluctant to leave their name or other information, S.I.D. Officers maintain strict confidentiality, and never reveal the sources of information. A person can also leave information anonymously.

The S.I.D hours change depending on the particular needs of the department,
but can be contacted by calling 570-558-8342.

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