City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission acts as an advisor to the Mayor and City Council on matters involving long range planning, land use, and zoning. Its principal role is to prepare a comprehensive plan for the long-term growth, development, and well-being of the municipality.

In addition the Commission is charged with preparing a zoning ordinance, and making recommendations to the governing body on proposed amendments to it. It also prepares and administers subdivision and land development as well as planned residential development regulations.

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code requires: (a) the City Planning Commission to act not later than 90 days following the date of the first regular meeting of the Commission held after it has been properly filed for review; but, in no case shall the Commission’s decision be made later than 120 days following the date the submission was duly submitted, unless the applicant grants a written extension of time; and (b) that no subdivision or land development shall be granted final approval until a report is received from the County Planning Commission or until the expiration of 30 days from the date the application was forwarded to the county.

The City Planning Commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm, pending on planning cases. Dates may vary depending on case submittals. Meetings have been advertised in an annual notice in the beginning of the year and will be posted here when scheduled

Deadlines for other City Planning Commission agenda items not requiring prior County review, e.g., sketch plan review or waivers of plan submission requirements, are determined after consultation with the Bureau of City Planning and Zoning (570-348-4280) but are normally not less than 7 days (Monday of the preceding week ) prior to the City Planning Commission meeting.

The City Planning Commission meetings are live streamed on ECTV. To view previous meetings or to watch live, click here.

Fee Schedule

  • (1) Applications for review of any and all subdivisions and land developments shall be accompanied by the fee established by this section.
  • (2) If said fee is less than the actual cost of review to the City of Scranton, applicant shall pay any excess cost prior to the release of any plan for recording of the issuance of any building permit.
  • (3) If said fee is greater than the actual cost of review to the City of Scranton, the city will refund any excess moneys to the applicant upon a final account of costs.
  • (4) The cost of review shall include an administrative fee which shall cover the costs associated with the processing of the application by City of Scranton personnel other than the technical reviewers employed by the city.
  • (5) Reviews will primarily be conducted by the City Engineer, City Planner, Fire Chief and their staffs. In instances deemed necessary by the City Engineer, other City of Scranton staff may be required to review the plans. When a conflict exists with city personnel or when a skill not possessed by city personnel is required to properly review a plan, a professional with the necessary review skills shall be hired pursuant to the city’s normal selection process to complete the review.
  • (6) The schedule of fees required at the time of submission of any subdivision or land development application is as follows:
Plan TypeAdministrative FeeReview Fee Escrow
Lot line adjustment$50.00None
Minor subdivision$100.00$100.00
Major subdivision$150.00$200.00, plus $20.00/lot
Land development$200.00$200.00, plus $0.10/square foot
Note: $3,000 shall be the maximum amount required to be escrowed initially by any applicant. If 75% or more of the original amount is used by the city, then the full amount as computed from the above table shall be deposited unless a determination is made by the city that a lesser amount will be required to complete the review.
  • (7) The fee charged to the applicant in addition to the administrative fee shall equal the hourly rate, including any and all fringe benefits, multiplied by the exact number of hours spent reviewing the plan by city staff and/or the amount billed to the City of Scranton by any outside professionals

Commission Members

Ryan Flanagan
Commission Member
Commission Member
Jennifer Davis
Commission Member
Commission Member
Joe Enten
Commission Member
Gus Fahey
Commission Member
Todd Pousley
Commission Member
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