Scranton Parking Authority

Purpose: The Scranton Parking Authority is the owner of the four parking garages located within the City, this constitutes the Off Street Parking System.  In 2016 the Authority and City entered a 45 year concession/lease agreement with National Development Council (NDC), a nonprofit community based organization. Community Development Properties of Scranton (CDPS) was subsequently formed to coordinate the running of Scranton’s Parking System (on street and off street parking) and is composed of representatives of multiple City Offices as well as representatives of NDC. The lease agreement provided for an upfront payment to the City and NDC/CDPS assumed responsibility for the operation, repair and maintenance of the garages.  The SPA consists of a Board of Directors composed of five members and meets quarterly to review functions between NDC/CDPS related to the operation and maintenance of the garages as well as the duties and responsibilities enumerated in the concessions/lease agreement.

Meetings: Meeting will be held on September 28 – this meeting has been rescheduled to October 19, 2022, and November 30 in Council Chambers, City Hall.

Solicitor: Todd Johns, Esq.

Please see below for PowerPoint Presentation by NDC/CDPS

Authority Members:

MemberTerm End
Mike Salerno6-1-2024
Alex Molfetas6-1-2025
Jack Harrington6-1-2027

Parking Authority Documents

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