Scranton Redevelopment Authority

For meeting information, agendas, and minutes, please click here.

Purpose: The purpose of this Authority is to promote elimination of blighted areas by declaring acquisition, sound re-planning and redevelopment of such areas for the promotion of health, safety, convenience and welfare of the citizens of the City of Scranton.

Meetings: The SRA meets at 12:15pm on the first Wednesday of each month in the Community Room at Nay Aug Park.  A yearly ad was placed in the Times with the dates and time.

Solicitor: Paul A. Kelly, Jr.

Authority Members:

MemberTerm End
Robert Timlin2-14-2027
Christina Manuel2-5-2025
Mario Savinelli2-4-2026
Michael Cummings10-1-2024
Michael Hanley2-4-2025

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