Blight and Redevelopment

The City of Scranton partners with many local stakeholders in order to address urban blight.
Neighborworks of Northeastern Pennsylvania offers many different programs from home buyer assistance to assisting with home rehabilitation for the elderly, as well as the West Side revitalization project.
The Lackawanna County Land Bank offers vacant and blighted properties for purchase.
The United Neighborhood Centers (UNC) of Northeastern Pennsylvania has done multiple revitalization efforts throughout Scranton and are now focusing on Pinebrook.

Condemnation Information

Condemnation occurs when a property is uninhabitable for human occupancy.

Properties that are condemned may often still be able to be revitalized.
If you have recently purchased a condemned property, please be sure to follow the Condemned Property Policy.

Please note this policy requires an initial and final inspection.
All work must be permitted and done by a licensed contractor.

To learn the condemnation status of a property, or to find a licensed City contractor, please call 570.348.4193


Demolition is reserved for condemned properties that are beyond repair.
The City would prefer to see condemned properties be rehabilitated, but sometimes further action needs to be taken.

Demolition Process Flow Chart

The City has demolished 30 properties since 2020.

The 5 properties demolished due to their condition in 2022 are listed below.

  • Nay Aug Pool Complex
  • Capouse Pool Complex
  • 1102 Prospect Avenue
  • 2409 N Main Street
  • 1709 Wyoming Avenue Garage

The 13 properties demolished due to their condition in 2021 are listed below.

  • 1620-1622 Pine Street
  • 616 Cedar Avenue
  • 1320 Olive Street
  • 505-07-09 12th Avenue
  • 813 Hampton Street
  • 336 S. Hyde Park Avenue
  • 1025 Bergen Court
  • 1129 Swetland Street
  •  607 N Hyde Park Avenue
  • 2234-2236 Brown Ave
  • 536 Rear Deacon Street
  • 524 3rd Avenue
  • 2618 N Main

The 12 properties demolished in 2020 due to their condition are listed below.

  • 1012 Cedar Avenue
  • 1121 Stafford Avenue
  • 1310 Price Street
  • 814 Quincy Avenue
  • 841-843 Quincy Avenue
  • 902 Quincy Avenue
  • 1516 Olive Street
  • 1724 Church Avenue
  • 725 Meadow Avenue
  • 2939 Birney Avenue
  • 948 N. Main Avenue
  • 913-915 Eynon Street

Click here for frequently asked questions about demolitions.

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