Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Program (LERTA)

LERTA offers incentives to residents, investors, developers and business owners considering investing in new construction or building improvements located within the City of Scranton.

This program allows local government taxing entities to extend a tax abatement period to property owners. This tax abatement is for improvements to real estate within the designated LERTA area. The terms of the abatement vary per site, building and location. LERTA abatements are directed and approved by the Scranton School District and City of Scranton.

The City of Scranton, in conjunction with the Scranton School District, passed a LERTA abatement on all residential, commercial and industrial properties located within the City. Lackawanna County’s acceptance of LERTA applications for the City of Scranton and in conjunction with the Scranton School District ended as of March 1, 2024.

The County will not be processing any LERTA applications for the City going forward, so County taxes would still need to be paid in full. 

LERTA approved projects will receive a 10-Year, 100% Tax Abatement on owner improvements to properties within the confines of the city. Tax exemption applies to the improvements to the land or building only and is subject to standard tax rates and terms.

You can apply for the LERTA Program here.

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