Comprehensive Plan

The Scranton-Abingtons Planning Association’s Comprehensive Plan establishes an overall vision for our future and a roadmap for reaching it. It sets policies, guidelines, and standards for land development, conservation, and economic initiatives. 

The Scranton-Abingtons region has many wonderful qualities that we have come to appreciate, which are reinforced by the Comprehensive Plan. The Plan helps us maintain and enhance our sense of place and provide for the creation of more special places. It establishes a framework of lasting value for communities and allow us to integrate new development into established communities while maintaining their character.

Funding for various aspects of the SAPA planning comes from the 11 member municipalities, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Willary Foundation and the Scranton Area Foundation.

Principles of the Plan

Eleven local municipalities in Lackawanna County have decided to develop a multi-municipal comprehensive plan that will let them work together to accomplish common goals while also meeting individual needs.

Taken together, the Scranton-Abingtons Planning Association encompasses land uses ranging from rural agriculture and forestry, to boroughs and suburbs, to city. While very diverse in landscape, the planning area municipalities, face issues including a shifting population, development pressure on rural lands, highway and transportation needs, and demands for community facilities and services.

As a result, the municipalities must work together to manage growth and change in order to provide for a future that maintains and improves their community’s quality of life.

The SAPA Comprehensive Plan addresses development and conservation initiatives from a regional perspective.

Inventories of demographics and land use are the basis for physical and policy plans regarding land use, housing, infrastructure, recreation, facilities, resources, and natural systems.

Custom products have been developed for the SAPA Comprehensive Plan, such as a web-based clearinghouse of existing information and mapping. The Plan provides an example of successful multi-municipal planning to help foster municipal and regional cooperation.


Plan Contents

  • Population Trends and Projections
  • Inventories of Existing Land Use and Physical Conditions
  • Analysis and Planning in the following areas:
    • Land Use
    • Housing
    • Transportation
    • Community Facilities
    • Community Utilities
    • Natural Resources
    • Historic / Cultural Resources
    • Mineral Resources
    • Agricultural Land
    • Water Supply
  • Implementation Plan to Make the Plan a Reality



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