Engineering Project Coordinator

January 4, 2023


We are in a time of unprecedented funding for infrastructure projects at the federal and state levels. In order to take full advantage of this moment it is imperative that the City of Scranton have the capacity to not only identify opportunities, but apply for them and execute the projects if granted funds. This capacity must come from within DPW as support for DPW management, enabling project managers across departments to work fluidly.


– Works with BA Project Manager and Fire Department FEMA Coordinator to manage FEMA/PEMA Disaster Declaration projects to include management of the grant process, project management, and closeout procedures;

– Works with ARPA team, engineering contractors, PennDOT, DEP, and stormwater experts to define and execute stormwater planning and projects;

– Works to identify infrastructure funding opportunities through federal and state agencies;

– Supports DPW Director with the preparation of project schedules in line with the agreed budget or other committed funding;

– Assists DPW Director and engineering contractors in the preparation of RFPs and RFQs;

– Analyzes project costs, schedules, consumer response, risk analysis, and other factors;

– Creates verbal and written reports for upper management and executives, briefing them on whether projects are meeting their schedules and deadlines;

– Performs other related duties, as required.


– Ability to manage projects from start to finish and manage dozens of projects simultaneously;

– Team-centered approach to work and commitment to shared goals;

– Knowledge of the principle, practices and techniques of civil engineering;

– Knowledge of surveying and of engineering drafting and design;

– Ability to interpret designs, estimates, and specifications for accuracy of proposals;

– Ability to express ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.

Engineering Project Coordinator

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Last modified: January 4, 2023

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