Scranton Police Online Reporting

File a Police Report On-Line

The Scranton Police Department’s online reporting allows you to submit a police report immediately and once reviewed and approved print a copy of the report
for free. You can also use this system to submit certain complaints. These incidences are usually neighborhood nuisance situations.[hr]

Only incidents occurring within the City of Scranton will be accepted.
You must provide a valid email address to submit an official online police report.

Before You Begin

Make sure you don’t need a police officer to take the report. Not sure?

You will need to call 911 or 570-348-4141 for police assistance if:

  • You are reporting a crime against a person, such as an assault, rape, robbery, threats, or domestic violence.
  • You are reporting any type of court order violation, such as restraining, stalking, or child custody.
  • You are reporting a theft of firearms or vehicles.
  • You are reporting a burglary (breaking and entering) to your residence or business.
  • You have information about a possible suspect, suspect vehicle, or witness to the crime you wish to report.
  • Someone has been hurt or placed in fear.
  • A serious crime is in progress.
  • Value of stolen property is greater than $1000.00.

All emergencies should be reported on 9-1-1

Ready to File an Online Police Report?

Make sure to turn off your pop-up blocker and that you have all the information you need to submit your report, such as:

  • When it happened (date and time)
  • Where it happened (address or location)
  • Who is reporting or owns the property (name, date of birth, contact information)
  • What was lost, stolen, or damaged (make, model, serial number, description, and estimated value of loss)

Please Note:

All other incident reports must be reported in person to the Scranton Police Department. Other complaints can be submitted below.

Filing a False Police Report is a Crime.

If you are not sure if the online report is right for your situation or you need further assistance, look at our Frequently Asked Questions or call the Scranton Police Department at 570-348-4134 or 570-348-4141.

What You Can Expect After You File Your Report

  • You will see the words: “your report has been submitted”. This means that your online report has been received by the Scranton Police Department for review and is pending approval.
  • Your report will automatically be assigned a temporary report number. You will be able to immediately print a copy of your submitted temporary report for your records.
  • Be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records.
  • All submitted reports will be reviewed. Upon review, you may be contacted if further information is needed.
  • Once your report has been approved, a Scranton Police case number and copy of the official police report will be emailed to you. This will occur within 24 hours.
  • Reports will be rejected that do not meet online reporting requirements. You will receive email notification and a reason for rejection.
  • It is a crime to file a false police report! Any intentionally false information, misstatement or inaccuracy will result in criminal prosecution.

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