Civil Service Commission

Purpose: The purpose of the Civil Service Commission is to follow the Municipal Civil Service Rules of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  The rules are designed to promote greater efficiency and economy in the administration of the government, of the City of Scranton, including as a means to that end, the “establishment of conditions of service which will attract to the service of the City qualified persons of character and ability and their appointment and promotion on the basis of merit and fitness.”

Meetings: The Civil Service Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month at 12:00pm (noon) in the Community Room at Nay Aug Park.  A yearly ad was placed in the Times with dates and time.

2023 Meeting Schedule is as follows: January 3rd, February 7th, March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd, June 6th, August 1st, September 5th, October 3rd, November 7th, and December 5th.

Solicitor: Christian Owens, Esq. Email:

Commission Members:

MemberTerm End
Elizabeth Garcia, Esq. (Chair)*
Karen DeSandis*
Walter Barron*
*Terms end at the end of the Mayor’s term.

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