City Council

Frank Voldenberg, City Clerk
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm
Phone: 570-348-4113
Fax: 570-348-4207

City Council serves as the legislative body of the City of Scranton’s government, with responsibilities including the introduction, review, and passage of resolutions and ordinances.

Comprised of five members, each elected for a term of four years, the Council convenes every Tuesday at 6:30 PM in City Council Chambers located on the second floor of City Hall.

City Council Members

Members of Council can be contacted by emailing Frank Voldenberg at or at their individual addresses listed below:

William King, President |

Mark McAndrew, Vice President |

Jessica Rothchild, PT, DPT |

Thomas S. Schuster |

Gerald Smurl |


All business requiring examination and follow-up by City Council shall be referred to the following Standing Committees:

  • Committee on Rules
    • Deals with the following subjects:
      • Office of the Mayor
      • Law Department
      • Appointments, resignations, and leaves of absence
      • Rules of Council
      • Procedural issues relating to adoption/repeal of legislation
      • Scheduling of public meetings, hearings, and caucuses
  • Committee on Finance
    • Deals with the following subjects:
      • Department of Business Administration
      • Department of Human Resources
      • Department of Information Technology
      • Office of the Treasurer
      • Single Tax Office
      • Revenue for the support of the City Government
      • Claims against the City
      • Taxation
      • Collections to the City Treasurer’s accounts
      • Tax and refuse fee delinquencies
      • Exonerations
      • Finance and budgetary transfers
  • Committee on Public Works
    • Deals with the following subjects:
      • Department of Public Works
      • Department of Parks and Recreation
      • Paving of streets and highways
      • Bridges
      • Sewers and drains
      • Parks
      • City garages and buildings (excluding police and fire)
      • Refuse and recycling
      • Public utilities
  • Committee on Public Safety
    • Deals with the following subjects:
      • Bureau of Fire
      • Police Department
      • Parking and parking meters
      • Public health and sanitation
      • Traffic control and maintenance
  • Committee on Community Development
    • Deals with the following subjects:
      • Office of Community Development
      • Code Enforcement
      • City Planning and Zoning
      • Animal Control
      • Urban renewal and redevelopment
      • Housing

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