City Now Accepting Online Applications for City Boards

August 2, 2022

Scranton, PA – Residents can now go online to express their interest in serving on a City board, commission, or authority. The application is newly available on the City’s OpenGov website, alongside a suite of other online applications for city services.

Applicants will be prompted to fill out their contact information, select the boards they are most interested in, upload a resume, and write a brief statement of interest. Once completed, the application will stay on file with the City. As board seats become available, the City will review the applicant pool and reach out to promising candidates.

“This new tool will help us reach residents all across Scranton who want to be more involved and contribute their time and talents to the City,” Mayor Paige G. Cognetti said.

All board members serve on a volunteer basis. The time commitments and the roles of board members vary from board to board.

“Even if—especially if—you’ve never thought of serving on a City board before, we encourage you take a few minutes, visit OpenGov, and tell us about your interest in serving our community.”

To apply, visit

Last modified: August 9, 2022

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