Missed the Teen Job Fair?

August 1, 2022

Did you miss our Teen Job Fair at the City Hall Pop-Up in Novembrino Park on July 29?

You can still apply for open positions with many of the employers that were present.

Use the links and information below to apply for your next job!

Alfredo’s Café

1040 S. Washington Ave., Scranton
(570) 969-1910
Visit the Alfredo’s website


502 N. 7th Ave., Scranton
(570) 346-0900
Visit the Arby’s website

Compassionate Care Phlebotomy

413 S. Washington Ave., Scranton
(570) 239-4604
Visit the Compassionate Care Phlebotomy website


1600 Nay Aug Ave., Scranton
(570) 343-5977
Visit the GIANT website

Greater Scranton YMCA

706 N. Blakely St., Dunmore
(570) 342-8115
Visit the YMCA website


1739 N. Keyser Ave., Scranton
(570) 961-0757
Visit the McDonalds website


3410 N. Main Ave., Scranton
(570) 343-1294
Visit the Schiff’s website

South Side Bowl

125 Beech St., Suite 2, Scranton
(570) 961-5213
Visit the South Side Bowl website

Last modified: August 1, 2022

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