Fire Department

John J. Judge IV – Fire Chief/Emergency Management Coordinator
Hours: 8 am – 4:30 pm
Phone: 570-348-4132
Fax: 570-348-4244

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The mission of the Scranton Fire Department is to provide efficient and effective fire protection and emergency services to the citizens of the City of Scranton. The department is dedicated to this mission, and has initiated fire prevention programs throughout the community and local schools, through the use of a fire safe house (trailer).


The City of Scranton utilizes a competitive Civil Service testing system for fire department hiring. Prospective candidates are selected from the established civil service list. The personnel department makes the contacts and arrangements for physical exams, background checks, etc. and issues conditional employment contingent upon the candidates successful completion of the certification as per contract.

New hires must attend and complete HACC Academy for fire service training. Academy Certification, Pennsylvania Department of Health Emergency Medical Technician and Fire Fighter 1 Certification must be attained during the training process. Failure to attain either during this time of training will result in dismissal of the conditional employee.

City of Scranton Employment Application


The fire department has been serving Scranton since 1866, the year Scranton first became a city. This first service consisted of an organized volunteer department (organizations) throughout the city and remained that way until 1901. Local fire historian Mark Boock has documented this department history from beginning to present, and is a vital resource for department history.

In 1901, the first paid fire fighters were authorized by city government. The city maintained a combination paid/volunteer system from 1901 to 1907, the year a full paid department was established. The department remains a full-time 24/7 department at this time, with a complement of 150 professional fire fighters protecting the City of Scranton.

With these uncertain times and the unforeseeable future, the Scranton Fire Department remains committed to provide the best and most efficient public service and public safety protection available to the citizens of Scranton.


If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 to contact the Lackawanna County Communications Center in an emergency or 570-342-9111 for a non-emergency.

EquipmentAddressPhone Number
Engine #4, Truck #2, Car #21518 Mulberry Street570-963-1216
Engine #2500 Gibbons Street570-963-1214
Engine #71917 Luzerne Street570-963-1218
Engine #8205-207 West Market Street570-348-2160
Truck #41047 North Main Avenue570-963-1219
Engine #101900 East Mountain Road570-963-1221
Rescue #1940 Wyoming Avenue570-963-1217

Department Structure

If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 to contact the Lackawanna County Communications Center in an emergency or 570-342-9111 for a non-emergency.

Staff NamePositionPhone Number
John J. Judge IVSuperintendent (Chief)570-348-4132
Daniel J. HallowichDeputy Chief570-348-4153
Paul MacDonaldAdministrative Captain570-348-4162
Jeffrey WhiteAssistant Chief570-963-1211
John W. DavisAssistant Chief570-963-1211
Brian ScottAssistant Chief570-963-1211
Thomas NollMaster Mechanic570-348-4132
Daniel FrantzFire Prevention Officer570-348-4164
David MegotzFire Inspector570-348-4164
Joseph HobanFire Inspector570-348-4164

Fire Investigations

Fire investigation and safety is conducted through our fire inspection bureau. They are responsible for housing inspections and code violation enforcement. If you have information regarding any suspicious act, they can be contacted at (570)-348-4164.

@sfdfireinspectorsoffice – Instagram

Smoke Alarm Installation

The Scranton Fire Department is currently running a smoke detector installation program for city residences. If you are in need of smoke detectors and would like to participate in the program, please contact Fire Prevention Officer Daniel Frantz at 348-4164 ext. 1 or email: This program is free of charge to residents of the City of Scranton.

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