City of Scranton and Borough of Dunmore Request Public Input Hearings in Scranton on Proposed Water Rate Hikes

December 15, 2023

On Friday, the City of Scranton and Borough of Dunmore sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC) formally requesting that the Commission hold public input hearings on Pennsylvania-American Water Company’s (PAWC) outrageous proposed water rate increases.

The letter states, “From all corners of the city, residents have been calling city hall, speaking at city council meetings, discussing with city council members, writing to the newspaper, and posting on social media about the tangible impact these rate increases would have on their household budget.”

In light of this substantial public interest, the City specifically requested that the Commission hold an in-person public hearing in Scranton: “The opportunity for our residents to share their perspective face-to-face would no doubt benefit the Commission in its review of the proposed rate changes. We would be more than happy to offer City Hall as a location for the hearing and to assist in any other way possible.”

According to the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate, the PAWC proposal would increase the water bill for a typical residential customer by about 25 percent, from $70.65 per month to $88.24 per month.

“I’m grateful to the residents who have made their voices heard on these proposed rate hikes and encourage residents to file formal complaints with the PUC. We understand how painful these hikes would be for our residents,” said Mayor Paige G. Cognetti. “This letter signed jointly by Scranton and Dunmore officials continues our advocacy for fair utility rates alongside necessary improvements to make our water infrastructure more sustainable.”

“I’m proud to support the taxpayers of both Scranton and Dunmore in fighting these massive increases over the past two years,” said Scranton City Council President Bill King. “These rate hikes are simply not sustainable to our constituents. Thank you to the many citizens that have reached out to City Council and the Mayor’s Office to express their concerns.”

“I have heard from many residents across the Borough, and there is a consistent sentiment—

Dunmoreans cannot bear the burden of another massive utility hike,” said Dunmore Mayor Max Conway. “Borough Council and I are committed to taking action to oppose this increase. We will explore every available avenue to advocate for the well-being of the residents of Dunmore.”

The letter was sent in advance of the Public Utilities Commission’s pre-hearing on the rate cases, which is expected to take place in late December. Residents can file formal complaints with the PUC here: The PUC Case Docket Numbers are R-2023-3043189 (water) and R-2023-3043190 (wastewater).

City of Scranton and Borough of Dunmore Request Public Input Hearings in Scranton on Proposed Water Rate Hikes | Press Release

Last modified: December 15, 2023

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