City of Scranton September 9th Storm Recovery Efforts Update

September 11, 2023

Today, we honor the memory of the fallen of 9/11, celebrate the heroes who ran into the fire that day, and salute veterans who fought in years since. As we turn from emergency response to recovery regarding Saturday’s storm, we continue to be amazed at the bravery of our public safety teams and the resilience of our residents. The spirit of American perseverance is evident everywhere in Scranton.

Mayor Paige Cognetti and city officials met with Pennsylvania Emergency Management (PEMA) and PennDOT throughout the day to discuss recovery efforts and understand what steps to take to seek funding and rebuild damaged infrastructure. Fire inspectors and code enforcement officers were out again all day working with residents to assess damage.

In the past 48 hours, Scranton Department of Public Works, PennDOT and contracted firms have cleared most roadway and waterway obstructions. Recovery and rebuilding efforts continue.

Roadways still closed:

  • Market Street between Keyser and Rockwell Streets
  • Merrifield Avenue between Jackson and Lafayette Streets
  • Mary Street Bridge
  • Frink Street during the day on 9/12 for work

Information on where residents and businesses can send details and photos of their damage is forthcoming and will be administered by the Lackawanna County EMA.

If you have water that needs to be pumped out, please call the Scranton Fire Department at 570.342.9111

If you are need of immediate housing assistance, please visit the Elm Park United Methodist Church Shelter by entering on Madison Avenue.

As property owners in the City of Scranton contemplate clean up and repairs following recent flooding, the Code Enforcement Office is reminding residents to obtain local permits before repairing or rebuilding flood-damaged structures.

The permits are required as part of local government participation in the National Flood Insurance Program, providing eligibility for flood insurance, flood disaster assistance, state and federal grants and loans, and buyout funds for flood-prone property.

Local floodplain management ordinances require that permits be obtained for any construction or development activity in a floodplain area, including the repair or reconstruction of structures damaged by flooding.

Prior to issuing permits to flood damaged homes in floodplain areas, the City of Scranton will conduct a preliminary damage inspection. The preliminary damage inspections are limited to evaluating the extent of damage to foundations, roofs, windows and doors, siding, installed appliances, electrical and plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and walls and floors. These inspections are required to assess the condition of the building and determine the work required to repair the building to its pre-damaged condition.

Special conditions apply to substantially damaged buildings – those in which the total cost of repairs is 50 percent or more of the structure’s pre-flood market value. If a building is found to be substantially damaged, regulations require that repairs not begin until compliance with the local floodplain ordinance is demonstrated. In some cases, that may require repairs that include elevating or floodproofing the structure to reduce the potential for future flood damage.

The cost to repair must be calculated for full repair to “pre-damaged” condition, even if the owner elects to do less. The total cost to repair includes structural and finish materials as well as labor. If labor and materials have been donated, they must still be assigned a value. If local building codes require the structure to be repaired according to certain standards, these additional costs must be included in the full repair cost for the structure.

State and federal assistance may be available to property owners to reduce the chances of future flood damage. Mitigation assistance may cover costs of relocation, elevation, or purchasing of flood damaged structures. Flood insurance may also provide up to $30,000 to protect a structure from future flood damage.

Property owners and residents with flood-damaged buildings should contact the City of Scranton Code Enforcement Office at 570.348.4193 for more information on repair and reconstruction permits.

City of Scranton September 9th Storm Recovery Efforts Update – Press Release

Last modified: September 13, 2023

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